For merchants, making the right choice in Point Of Sale systems can be difficult. That's why we've prepared this series of videos. For anyone that has ever been curious about the differences between two main operation configurations for point of sale, this video provides an informative view into the differences between cloud and premise based point of sale systems, and dives into the BitPlus advantage.


I was recently talking with a sales agent we’re working with about the difference between cloud and premise based Point of Sale solutions, so we thought it would be good to share this information with you, the listener, to help you understand Point of Sale systems, and what sets Bitplus Point of Sale apart from all the rest.

Premise based Point Of Sale solutions have a local computer running at the local physical location. There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

In these systems software has to be locally updated, -- and in systems where they’re communicating between locations they all have to have compatible versions maintained throughout the network otherwise there will be communication failures between systems.

Traditional premise based systems are very difficult to update without interrupting normal business operations.

Premise based solutions have security issues, and can be expensive at startup, with many hidden long term costs.

Typically the largest hidden costs to those involved: Being tied into service contracts which leave the merchant dependent on the service provider.

Premise based systems aren’t all bad though. Premise based systems work even when the internet is disrupted. They also aren’t reliant on third parties to operate with the exception of needing payment processors.

Now let’s talk a bit about cloud Point Of Sale solutions.

Cloud solutions can be easy to setup and updates are handled remotely by the cloud provider.

With cloud solutions merchants don’t need to be directly responsible for maintenance and backups of business data.

Cloud solutions can have a higher or lower cost of ownership depending on the provider.

Though they have many desirable traits, they have one negative trait that is critical:
cloud Point Of Sales (systems) will not function without internet connectivity.

This means that cloud POS systems are not well suited for servicing merchants in rural locations and areas with poor internet connectivity.

For merchants, it is very important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both systems when choosing a Point Of Sale system for their business.

Bitplus is a robust hybrid system that is the best of both.

The BitPlus POS core microcomputer allows Bitplus POS to act as both a premise and cloud system simultaneously, providing a blended solution that’s far superior to any premise based or cloud solution on the market.

With Bitplus Point Of Sale merchants no longer have to compromise between offline reliability and having consistently deployed updates that don’t interrupt the regular operations of business.

Even among cloud Point Of Sale systems, Bitplus excels for offering live, real-time deployment of customizations and updates unlike the competition.