Send Mobile Money to the Horn of Africa!

Building a disruptive solution to integrate traditional remittance networks with emerging mobile money systems in the Horn of Africa

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Simple Process

BitPlus makes sending mobile money to the Horn of Africa using Bitcoin much easier than you thought possible.

Fast Transactions

Send mobile money to the Horn of Africa from anywhere around the world with lightening quick speed.

Low Fee

BitPlus charges a small 2.5% fee per transaction. Dahabshiil and other competitors charge 6% or more.

No Minimum Limit

There are no minimum limits when sending money. Send as little or as much as you want with BitPlus.

Receive mobile money instantly via EVC Plus.

BPNT Features

  • Ability to control backend clearing processes
  • Limited supply of tokens during the crowdfunding period, amounting to max. 25,000,000
  • BPNT is a token on the Ethereum platform. It’s design follows common standards adopted in token crowdfunding, making it easy for users of Ethereum Wallet

BPNT Conditions

  • Minimum ether: 2500
  • Maximum ether: 25000
  • Percentage reserved to crowdfunding participants: 80%
  • Percentage reserved to Bitplus Team: 10%
  • Percentage reserved to Early Token Buyers: 10%
  • BPNT creation ration is 1,000 BPNT to 1 ETH.
  • In case the minimal funding goal is not reached, the contract allows buyers to issue a refund.

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The Team

Abdulkadir Mohamed Ibrahim


Ayman Hassib

Lead Developer


Mahamadu Abdul Salam

Business development advisor

Mahamadu Abdul Salam is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and the founding president of the Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship (CLE - Ghana), a non-profit research and educational Think Tank in Northern Ghana dedicated to the ideas of free markets, individual liberty, limited government interference, private property rights, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has served on the the School of Business and Law Students Association's Finance committee in 2015/2016 academic year and currently plays an advisory role to the committee. His Think Tank efforts led to the establishment of the first libertarian company in Northern Ghana, Liberty Agric Services Company Limited. He is also developing a Blockchain land titles project in northern Ghana that will register lands, estates and farms for economic leverage to ensure economic freedom. Check out some of his work here


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